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The cocktail called the “Old Fashioned” is known by generations of people all over the world! This cult classic goes back 200 years and is drank by grandparents and college students alike. This site is dedicated to documenting my travels around the great state of Texas to find the BEST Old Fashioned drink in the state.

We’ll get to know about the location, the bartender and what sort of product they put out. These cocktails can go for as high as $80+ per drink and I intend to find out if the price is worth it compared to the product that is created.

I got the ideal while traveling from Houston to Austin one trip. I had an Old Fashioned at a place in Houston that’s since closed called International Smoke. The presentation and the drink was out of this world. I traveled the next day to a very old, fancy hotel in downtown Austin and ordered another Old Fashioned. This one looked like a red kid’s drink, missing the cherry and low quality whiskey. I paid about $40 for it and was not impressed. I ordered another one at The Four Seasons hotel later that night and received a masterpiece! It even cost less but was a work of art.

This experience made me decide to start keeping track of Old Fashioned drinks in Texas to create a catalog of who’s got what and which ones are worth it! OFT is a multimedia user immersive community that exist to inform the public about who has the #1 most popular Old Fashioned in Texas ranked by presentation, formula and cost.

Old Fashioned

Reach out to us if you’re interested in a sponsorship or advertising. These drinks aren’t cheap! KCCO

Who’s winning the challenge for #1 best rated Old Fashioned in Texas?

The Sandman Signature
Ft. Worth
Japanese Old Fashioned

Votes: 764

A Loft Hotel
Garrison Brothers w/ custom bitters

Votes: 485


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